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What is a personal profile?

If you are trying to get your first job, or have similar qualifications to other candidates, your personal profile can make you stand out and help you a lot to succeed in that important interview. But, what is a personal profile? Read on to find out its meaning and how to build a successful one.

What is a personal profile?

A personal profile is the presentation that is usually included in the resume to show employers your qualities. It can be understood as a summary that provides personally identifiable data, in addition to professional skills. It allows you to make a first impression.

What should you think about when doing your personal profile?

When developing your personal profile, it is important to think about the positive aspects of our personality and write them clearly and directly. An excellent option is to place attributes that are useful for the proposed vacancy. Those who wonder what a personal profile is can use this to their advantage.

One of the most common problems in drawing up this part of the resume is that we are not always clear about what defines us as people. In order to write your personal profile, you should take the time to think about your strengths and virtues.

Questions to write the profile

  • What do I want to do as a person?
  • What are my priorities in life?
  • What qualities and skills do I have to be successful in what I do?
  • What aspects of my personality do I like the most?
  • Which of my qualities are most valued by those close to me?

This is useful to understand what a personal profile is and, of course, how to create one. To tell you the truth, as insignificant as it may seem, this is an important part of any resume. Therefore, it is best to take the time to reflect on this, avoiding placing anything to get out of trouble.

What aspects should be developed in the personal profile?

Once you have thought about your positive aspects and your professional objectives, now you must focus on the description of the aspects you want to highlight. A good idea about the content of your presentation is to describe your abilities or skills as a person, for example:

  • What you’re capable of
  • What you do well
  • Some experience that brought important learning
  • What you aspire to achieve on a personal level
  • The most relevant character traits
  • Some recurring positive behavior
  • A good habit
  • Things that set you apart from other people
  • Situations that generate empathy

At the same time, you can mention your values or preferences. The important thing will be to report the positive aspects that identify you and which can be interpreted as an added value to the technical and professional skills you have inserted in your resume.

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How to write your personal profile?

If you don’t find a suitable way to write your profile, you can read some resumes published on the Internet. 

Examples of a personal profile

Ideas for writing about your qualities on your resume:

  • “…in view of my passion for technology and as an engineer committed to honesty, quality and the provision of an excellent service in the area of maintenance, I would like to be part of a company in which I can grow professionally…”
  • “I grew up in a big family, where I learned to respect and protect the environment, that’s why I would be very proud to work in an organization where I can contribute to sustainable development and inherit a better world for my children…”
  • I agree with the values of loyalty and solidarity demonstrated by the prestigious organization you represent and I think I could add value and continue to develop professionally as a doctor, setting a good example for my family…”

These paragraphs reflect in a nutshell some interests, values and virtues that make a good impression when presenting a resume summary. In fact, this can be a very personal writing, without getting to the point of telling a recklessness or intimacy.

What extension should the profile have and where is it located?

It should not exceed one paragraph with eight lines. It should be located on the first page, after the personal and contact data. Generally, resumes begin with the name, address, phone number, and email address. This should be complemented with a summary of work experience.

It is important that the personal profile is placed on the first page of the resume and not at the end. In this way, you will generate a good impression regarding your qualities, which will improve your professional profile. Remember that companies currently value the personality of their employees, as well as their professional skills.

Now you know the meaning of a personal profile. The differences between a personal profile in social networks and in the professional field are evident. We hope this information has been useful to you!

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