Frequently Asked Questions

What is GoFamed?

GoFamed is an online reputation management tool that allows anyone to easily control Google search results for a particular name and last name.

What is online reputation management?

Online reputation management involves activities aimed to take control of the digital results related to your name or brand. Nowadays is not uncommon for a potential business partner or employer to go to Google in order to find out information about us. If the information they find is non-existent or, even worse, negative, our chances of closing a new deal or getting a new job will be affected.

How can GoFamed help me with online reputation management?

People tend to focus on the first Google results for any given query. GoFamed allows you to choose up to 5 specific websites or online profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc) that you’d like to show up when people search for you in Google. Any other web result, no matter which, will be placed below the websites or profiles you select.

Is GoFamed free?

No. GoFamed is a subscription service with monthly fees starting at USD 15.

Is GoFamed available in other languages?

Yes! During the subscription process you can decide not only the geographical location for your search results, but also the exact title and description for each result (in the language you prefer).

How does GoFamed work?

After your sites and search results are ready, we’ll connect with Google Ads platform in order to create, manage and optimize a search ad for each selected website. Our automated bidding process will then make sure that your ads are available as efficiently as possible for any exact query that includes your names and last names.

How long will my websites be available in Google Search results?

Your selected websites will show up in top positions in Google Search results for as long as your subscription is active.

Do I need to have a professional website to start?

No. You can select any personal social profile, professional site, blog or free website (5 at least) to start with GoFamed. However, we do recommend you to update and optimize each in order to provide a positive professional image to any potential visitor. Also, do remember that each website should be publicly accessible.

I can’t see my websites in the search results. Why is that?

If you just paid for a subscription, do remember that it takes up to 48 hours for your results to start showing up in Google.

If you have an active subscription and you are not seeing your search results, bear in mind that the tools algorithm may consider not relevant to show the ad several times to the same user. If you want to make sure that your ads are active, just login to your panel and you’ll be able to see relevant KPIs.

If you have an active subscription and you see no activity in your user panel, please contact us at to help you.