LinkedIn for marketing: Complete guide

Do you have a LinkedIn personal profile? If you just follow and accept contacts you are wasting the tool and professional social network number 1 which has been on the market since 2003. If you want to know how to use LinkedIn for marketing, here you have a complete guide where you will learn step […]

Resume formatting tips

When writing a resume, the format is always one of the most important points. A good resume format should present your data, skills, studies and experience clearly and concisely, as long as they attract attention and stand out among others. Here are some resume formatting tips that personal branding experts recommend. Take a look at […]

What is a personal profile?

If you are trying to get your first job, or have similar qualifications to other candidates, your personal profile can make you stand out and help you a lot to succeed in that important interview. But, what is a personal profile? Read on to find out its meaning and how to build a successful one. […]

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