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7 essential skills to put on a resume

Over the years, the skills for a resume have been transformed due to changes in the labour market. The world changes and professionals must adapt to achieve the best results in their day to day lives. Here are 7 good skills for a resume that reputation management experts recommend.

The skills that appear in a resume help the recruiter to imagine, to interpret the information and, in short, to know if the candidate will really be the ideal one and the most suitable one to fill the vacancy. It is therefore necessary to add them to the resume and, above all, not to lie in this regard.

Types of skills

There are different types of divisions to understand what kind of skills to add to your resume

Some experts subdivide them between social and personal ones:

  • Personal: they depend on the person, their education, their training, their experience, etc.
  • Social: they depend on how you communicate and relate to other individuals, whether in a professional or a family environment.

Another common classification divides them into cross-cutting and technical ones:

  • Cross-cutting: these are skills that make a person develop their work efficiently through their initiative, involvement, ability to plan, etc.
  • Technical: in this case, we talk about specific competences obtained through study and experience to develop a concrete work.

However, the most accepted classification is soft and hard skills:

  • Soft skills: those that focus on the ability of the individual and that can be used in any situation. For example, time management, creativity, etc.
  • Hard skills: specific hard skills to develop a concrete job which are obtained through knowledge and experience.

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7 skills that cannot be missing in your resume

We must always have our resume at hand, whether you are already part of a company or are actively looking for a job. You never know when that opportunity may come for which you’ve been waiting a long time, and it’s better to be prepared to make a difference.

The skills we mention in the resume help us do so. They are the best complement to our professional training, because they provide information about who we are and our aspirations and goals.

Although there are skills specific to each specialty and discipline, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some generic ones that can help you relaunch your professional profile. Which ones are we talking about?

1. Initiative

Recruiters positively value candidates who alone have initiative, independence and autonomy. They are restless, curious workers; for this reason, they are a guarantee of commitment and productivity.

2. Teamwork

Today it is impossible not to work together. Unless you’re here to live in a North Pole lighthouse, it is important that you make clear your full willingness to integrate into groups.

3. Leadership


Whether or not you are in charge of handling work equipment or department management, there must always be in you a spirit of leadership. Sooner or later you must put it into practice. What’s more, perhaps in the medium or long term it can become a professional option that you did not contemplate before.

4. Language skills

A second or third language is always good. English, German, Chinese, Italian or Portuguese are some of the most valued in the current market. They are certainly a competitive advantage.

5. Further training courses

Yes, professional qualifications are important, but don’t forget about further training courses that can adjust your profile to what a particular offer is looking for from you. Mention them and make clear what has been the thematic axis that you have done in them. They tend to give dynamism to your profile.

6. Interrelation with others

Knowing how to relate to people in your environment is fundamental to finding a job. Highlight it in your resume; it will speak well of you and your ability to adapt to different scenarios.

7. Creativity


Creativity and innovation are two of the skills most demanded by 21st century companies. If you are a person who, in addition to initiative, has the talent to generate innovative and valuable ideas, do not hesitate to put it on your resume. We can’t make sure you’ll find your dream job, but surely you will have won a lot and you will be closer to it.

If you can think of more skills to include on your resume and help position your profile, do not hesitate to specify them. The more accurate your description is, the more options you have to fill the position to which you apply.

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