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Should you include a picture on your resume?

Should you include a photo on your resume? This is one of the questions that many people ask themselves when applying for a job. Although it is a personal decision, the truth is that you must follow some recommendations so that when sending your CV, it is not discarded from the start. Take a look at this information provided by reputation management experts.

Why include your photo on your resume?

but the question is

We have all heard it. A picture is worth a thousand words. Instead of dropping clichés, let’s approach it in a more scientific way. Following a survey of companies looking for new employees, InfoJobs concluded that resumes with a photo are 3 times more seen by recruiters than those who do not have it. 

What does this mean? Can only beautiful people have jobs? It doesn’t have to be like that. The photo in the resume is good when it reflects positive aspects of the person that may be useful for the job, such as leadership, professionalism, kindness, etc.

For these aspects, more than beauty, what matters is what reflects the expression of the face or the look. The eyes, chico, they never lie. In addition, a well-kept photo will make us look like a professional who pays attention to detail.

But the question is… Is it really necessary to put a photograph? In the vast majority of countries it is usually necessary to put a photo on the resume when looking for a job. The absence of it may imply that you’re hiding something, which could end up generating doubts and mistrust about you.

The major exceptions worldwide are the United Kingdom and the USA, where the use of photographs on the resume may be frowned upon. If you are thinking about looking for a job in England or the USA, you should bear that in mind. In theory, this helps to avoid discrimination based on physical features, age or ethnicity in the selection of candidates for the job.

Although there are reasons to prefer the Anglo-Saxon system, the use of photography can also bring you positive things:

  • A good photograph will enhance your professional image.
  • It is a differentiating element that will undoubtedly put you above those who do not pay attention to this element of the resume.
  • Sometimes a glance or a gesture conveys skills and values that a paragraph could not.

Let’s see how to get your image to enhance what you have expressed in the resume and help you to pass the interview.

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Tips for including your photo on your resume

A photo doesn’t change reality, but it can show it. We live in a time in which visuality is becoming more important in our daily lives. And the world of work is no exception. In order for someone in HR to end up reading your resume, you need to get their attention. 

Photography can do that by highlighting positive points of your character. Follow these tips for including your photo on your resume:

  • Your photo should have quality. It should be taken with a good camera and by a professional who knows about lighting and editing. Do not hesitate to go to a studio if you do not have a photograph with these characteristics.
  • The photo must be current. If the years have passed and your face has changed a lot since the last time you took one, it’s time to go to a studio and take another one.
  • In the image you have to show your face and part of your shoulders.
  • Photo size on your resume: The most recommended dimension for the photo in a resume is approximately 35 x 45 mm. These are similar to most documents such as passports or IDs. 
  • Position of the photo. For any type of resume, it is advisable to position the photo on top of this. The image should be placed in the left or right corner.
  • Smile. A slight gesture of smile conveys a pleasant and cordial attitude, which is usually necessary for most jobs. On the other hand, make sure that the smile is not forced or exaggerated.

Extra tips for resume photos if you are a woman

avoid wearing clothes that leave shoulders uncovered
  • Avoid wearing clothes that leave your shoulders uncovered. To this day, very flashy make-ups or the use of pronounced necklines continues to look unprofessional.
  • According to studies, having your hair pulled back can create a sense of aptitude for leadership.
  • When wearing makeup, try not to generate contrasts between face and neck. The application should be uniform.
  • If you’re going to wear jewelry, make sure they’re not too extravagant. Being subtle adds up points.

Extra tips for resume photos if you are a man

  • It is advisable to use makeup if you need to hide pimples, bags in the eyes or remove glare from excess light.
  • Use a shirt tone that matches your hair color and eyes.
  • If you have a very white skin tone, avoid using dark colors for your outfit or background, as it will generate a visually negative contrast. 

Should you present yourself with a photo on your resume? Now you know the answer. As you can see, it depends on the country of employment and the industry you are applying for. We hope this information has been useful to you!

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