How to ask your boss for a promotion?

Asking for a promotion can be very complicated. Not only do you have to go talk to your boss and explain each and every reason why you think you deserve it, but you also have to do it in such a way that you don’t seem arrogant. So, if you want to know how to ask your boss for a promotion, here’s what personal branding experts recommend.

How to ask for a promotion?

Visualize how your current job performance has been:

How long have you been working at the company? 

job computer

More than 2 years? 10 years? If you’ve only been working for a few months, we recommend that you let a little more time go by and show how much value you can bring to the company. Maybe in a month you’ve managed to stand out more than the rest, but it would be a bit hasty and harmful to move to another level at this time.

What are your achievements during this time?

Surely you collaborate actively in your field and your superiors have congratulated you for it. To date, what are your milestones within the company? Maybe you got a very valuable account, helped develop strategic alliances, consolidated a team or improved a process, for example.

It’s important that you answer these questions and be completely honest. Make a list of what you have done in your company, both good and bad. Arriving with a clear idea of everything you have contributed to the company will help you tell your boss. The more specific and quantifiable, the better.

Useful guidelines for asking for a promotion 

1. Identify the position you want

It’s important that before asking for a promotion you are completely sure of what you want for your professional future. Many people ask for a promotion, but don’t know which area or position. Have you considered this aspect? How is the corporate structure of your company? Not only must you intend to move forward, you must have a corporate place to do it.

If a specific job offer already exists, it’s a great advantage because you only have to request it. Otherwise, you and your boss may have to come up with a new role you can play. This is your chance to show that you’re really ready to take on a new responsibility. When you talk safely, your boss will notice you’re a leader and you’re the ideal person to manage new projects and challenges.

2. Consider your relationship with your boss

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If you have a good relationship, you’re likely to have a frank talk about your plans or uncertainties regarding the future of your professional development. Top managers know how to create or find opportunities that combine your skills, interests and challenges. It is therefore important to consider these factors before the conversation.

On the other hand, if the relationship with your boss is not ideal or he does not have the necessary authority to make such decisions, consider talking to another professional with a higher position. Determine who to talk to, whether or not he or she works in another department.

3. Talk to colleagues who change jobs

Knowing why someone on your team leaves their position can help you think about your own future and consider possible changes that you might not have thought of. Furthermore, if that means a vacancy remains, you can find out the details of the charge and, if you find it interesting, take the following steps to send your request internally.

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4. Find the right time

If you’re waiting for the perfect time, you risk wasting time, but remember that there are better situations than others. For example, if your company is in the middle of a crisis and your boss is trying to devise strategies to address the situation, this would be one of the worst moments to reach out. 

On the other hand, if you take advantage of doing so during a biannual or annual review of your area or position, it’s the ideal time to tackle your professional growth.

5. Be your own hiring manager

Many bosses want their teams to be proactive and be able to solve problems on their own. If you discover the kind of tasks that really allow you to combine your skills and interests and the unmet needs of your team, maybe you can create your own promotion and corresponding position. 

Explain why your idea will generate good results, and meet with your team or boss to discuss it. Make sure you get information about the future of the company and how to implement your project if your manager approves it.

6. Research the position you want

A mandatory question to be asked in the course of this conversation with your boss is how much money you’d like to earn. This question is always a little awkward, besides you don’t know if the number you ask for is too much or too little. However, you can do some research with your colleagues who have a similar position, so that this aspect does not take you unaware. 

What is more, find out what kind of tasks you would perform and what your responsibilities might be. These factors will help you put a clearer figure on the table (or the desk).

This was a guide to asking for a promotion. Be patient, keep working just as hard, or even harder than so far while you wait. You don’t want your boss to change his or her mind at the last minute because of a misunderstanding. We hope this information has been useful to you!

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