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How to know if it’s time to change your career path?

According to reputation management experts, whatever career you’re studying, it’s normal that doubts arise as to whether it’s the right one for you and feel like it’s not what you’re passionate about. However, this can be temporary and, before making the decision to leave your studies, you can answer some key questions that will help you know if you really need to change your career path

1. See what classes make you want to study

Think for a moment about the classes you are currently taking. How many of them are really interesting to you? How many make you sleepy just thinking about studying them? If more than half of them seem extremely boring and unmotivating to you, then you might have to consider another career

2. Imagine your future working in that area 

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What are your career prospects? Can you imagine yourself there almost every day of your life, most of the day? If by projecting that image in your mind you feel tiredness, a feeling of weariness, then you clearly need to change careers

On the other hand, if it makes you feel good, you get ideas and want to do things, then your current doubts are only a stage that you must overcome through the effort. At the end of the road, the reward is to be able to do what you are passionate about. 

3. Work for free somewhere related to your career to see if you feel comfortable

It’s one thing to imagine and another to really be there in the situation. Fortunately, in many places people are willing to receive students, so that they can work for free or with modest remuneration and this can help you know the industry at first hand. 

Find a place where you think you might like to work and check, from your own experience, if that’s what you’d like to do in life. If you do not have a satisfactory experience, consider trying elsewhere because a lot depends on the human group, the company’s vision and whether this is consistent with your own objectives.

4. Analyze if you enjoy debating topics of your career

At university, it’s easy to meet people willing to debate and discuss issues about the area they study. If you don’t have a hard time engaging in these discussions and expressing your views on them, then you clearly have a real interest in what you’re studying. 

Nevertheless, if nothing really comes to mind and you find that what you debate is a waste of time, your interest in the area is probably not very great and you should consider a career change.

5. Ask yourself if your lack of motivation has to do with a bad personal moment

If you’re considering a career change, it’s most likely because you feel unmotivated with the current one. Before you decide that’s because of what you study, review your personal life on a physical, mental and spiritual level. 

Maybe there’s something important you’ve put aside and it’s the real cause of your lack of spirit. You may need to go out more, practice sports or hang out with people who think like you. Review your routine and evaluate what you might change to feel more comfortable with your life.

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6. Talk to teachers, parents, and counselors

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You are not the first or the last person to have any doubts about the career you study. Talk to older people who can contribute what experience has taught them. Even if they have not studied a professional career, they have had to make key decisions in their lives and may relate to what you are living. Tell them about what troubles you and listen with an open mind to their stories, as they may contain useful clues to your situation.

7. Watch documentaries of your area of study and evaluate if they are really interesting

This is a simple exercise, as you just have to sit in front of a computer with internet and enjoy the movie. Documentaries, in general, are made to show realities that inspire you to take action and to better understand the world around us from a certain perspective. If you tune in to what you see, then the urge is there, you just have to give it a little push. On the contrary, if nothing happens to you, clearly a career change should be one of your options. 

Before making the final decision, try all these steps as each one addresses career motivation from a different point of view. Some involve socializing your concerns and others are more aimed at discovering the answers for yourself. Give yourself the time to meet you and you’ll make the right choice. We hope this information has been helpful!

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