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8 tips to change careers and not fail

earch of their true vocation or they don’t tolerate the kind of labor pressure their current career demands, this decision must be taken strategically so as not to harm their professional development. If you want to know how to change career paths, read the following tips made by personal branding experts

1. Create an action plan

If you are sure about the career change decision, plan your activities in advance, considering how long it will take you to resume a new career, the courses you can validate, if it is preferable to take a short technical career or a university one and be clear about what kind of work you can do.

2. Get your life in order

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Get physically and economically fit. Change can be very stressful. When you are physically fit, you have more energy and mental acuity to face the challenges ahead. It takes a lot of strength and energy to start a new career in maturity.

Debts will put an end to your dreams. Limit your options. Without the burden of overwhelming credit card debt and a sizeable mortgage, you will be more agile. Being debt-free allows you to undertake jobs that initially could pay less, if you’re starting over in a new field. 

Or if you’re starting your own company, it helps you get through the first stage until you can pay yourself a salary. A new profession is often also a spiritual mission.

3. Be practical

If possible, act in stages. You may need to improve your skills and education, so take classes one by one. If you want to do a postgraduate course, maybe you can start by taking a night class. It is not necessary to carry a full academic load. You can add more classes as you clarify your motivation and orientation.

Another big mistake is spending too much on your job search. Why spend large sums on graduate studies when you just need to take a few courses, or pay for an expensive curriculum preparation service before you’ve really thought about your next steps? 

If possible, take some classes while your current employer still offers reimbursement of study fees. And research your alma mater’s career guidance services.

4. Don’t cling to the idea of earning an indispensable salary

For most people who want to change careers, money is the main obstacle. It is very likely that by restarting in a new field or in a non-profit organization you will have to, at least initially, accept a lower salary. 

If you have emergency funds that allow you to take more time, you could do a more thoughtful job search. Cut discretionary spending to realistically reflect what you will earn. Consider the things that are important in your life and that give you pleasure that you might have to give up.

5. Do something every day to achieve your goals

Changing careers might seem overwhelming to you. Don’t struggle to find the perfect place or way to start. Once you have some idea about what you want to do, take small steps toward that goal to start. What is truly important is to make any small effort regularly. 

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6. Prepare for the setbacks

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You can’t always sail smoothly, but if you’ve done the preparatory work, you’ll get through the hard times. It helps a lot to have the support of your family or partner. They don’t need to share your dream, just support you.

7. Evaluate if it’s time

However clear the decision to change is, it is best to assess whether it is time to do so, as factors such as money are required. You might even consider finishing your current career while saving the money needed to start a new specialty.

8. Keep working

It is better to use what has been learned to generate monetary resources and professional contacts that will be of great help to you when you are ready to exercise your new specialty. Don’t show yourself as a professional who has left a career, but as a professional who is expanding his knowledge to find better opportunities.

Now you know 8 tips on changing career paths. Changing requires leaving the comfort zone, so there is no formula ready for that. What you can do is prepare emotionally and financially for that change to happen and, above all, let the result be the one you were waiting for. We hope this information has been helpful! 
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