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6 reasons why you should worry about having a personal network

According to online reputation specialists, no matter how clever you are, it is very difficult to be an expert in absolutely everything. Therefore, you should meet people who have knowledge on topics you don’t know and have good relations with them to ensure that they are there when you need them. Here are 6 reasons to start networking with professionals.

What is a network of contacts?

Networks are the group of people with whom you have some kind of relationship, either work or personal. They can relate to you directly (your friends, clients or investors) or indirectly (people they know and who you could access more easily).

The theory of 6 degrees of separation is the basis of networks. It was created in the 1930s by the Hungarian Frigyes Karinthy. It states, through a mathematical formula, that we are connected with anyone in the world by just five intermediaries. 

It also proposes that our number of indirect acquaintances grows exponentially from our first level of acquaintances. Therein lies the importance of maintaining a good network of contacts. Networking offers us a series of actions to take care of it and make it grow.

6 benefits of having a network of contacts

These are the advantages of having a network of contacts:

1. Opportunities

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Different studies have shown that a good job reference has an 80% chance of securing the job you’re applying for, especially in professional careers. A good network of contacts can not only serve as a reference for the jobs to which you apply for, but if any of your contacts know of any job opportunities for which you are suitable, the chances of being recommended increase.

Be the first to know the new job offers of different companies keeping good relations with a wide network of professional contacts. And not everything is work, it is possible that your contacts know different activities outside the field of work that are of interest to you, such as workshops and seminars related to the area you are in.

2. Support

A helping hand is always welcome, especially in times of need. Throughout your career (and your life in general, of course), you may encounter different obstacles and challenges that move away from your skills and knowledge. And what better than turning to a professional with whom you have a good friendly relationship to solve that problem.

A strong network of contacts opens up different options to have professionals trained for different tasks, and with that it is possible that they help each other. Some of your contacts, at some point, might need your help. Remember that any good relationship is maintained with contact, responsibility and mutual support.

3. Discovery

A good network of contacts can not only help you in the things you directly know you need, a trained eye and years of experience can help you discover situations and skills that can benefit you, and that, until that moment, are unknown to you. It’s a personal and professional discovery at your fingertips.

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4. Personal and professional growth

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One of the most important parts of a career is growth: at a job, professional and personal level. Within any good network of contacts, information is shared for forums, meetings, courses and all kinds of training that can help you grow as a professional. 

If we add to that all the advice, the discovery opportunities and all the experience your contacts can offer you, your growth can be quite extensive. Keep in mind that as you grow and develop as a professional, you may help others to grow as well.

5. Status

It’s no secret that surrounding yourself with important people and having good relationships with people of high professional reputation can give you some status within the market. This is beneficial because it can open different doors at a professional level that would otherwise remain closed. 

Of course, hard work and personal development are what will guarantee your success, but the amount of opportunities that the status of a good network of contacts can offer you has no comparison.

6. Resources

Like support, a strong network of professional contacts is a reliable source of professional resources of the highest quality. Years of knowledge and experience gathered in the same place, available to work alongside you to achieve more optimal results. 

And it’s not just for you, as you can help other people in your network by putting them in touch with someone you know, with whom you have good relations, and from whom you can certify a high professional level. 

This is just a summary of the different benefits of having a good network of contacts. So don’t take it lightly when it comes to making professional friendships. And the next time you’re introduced to a colleague, give him a good handshake! We hope this information has been helpful.

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