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What is online reputation management?

The trust and recognition that brands or companies generate online are vital elements of digital marketing. Whether your business is new or has been in the market for a long time, online reputation management services are very important if you are looking to develop strategies that result in an increase in your customer base. 

Therefore, if you typed in Google “what is online reputation management”, in the following guide we’re going to show you the importance of creating or improving your brand, product, service or company’s online reputation.

What is online reputation?


Online reputation refers to a brand’s image and prestige level on the internet. It is created by expressing various opinions about the brand. Depending on the quality of the products or services, comments can result in a positive or negative reputation. 

Although some might say it’s better not to have any online reputation, the truth is that having a bad reputation or not having one at all can be a terrible idea. Nevertheless, it’s not impossible to create a positive online reputation.

Why is your online reputation important?

According to Hubspot, 60% of consumers say they’d look for another brand if they find out that most of the comments are negative. And 17% of consumers mistrust if they don’t find reviews or traces of the buyers. That’s why you should focus on creating and improving your online reputation.

In addition, a good online reputation will improve the dissemination of information about your services or products. In other words, it will enhance any digital marketing strategy you plan. 

Your brand’s SEO strategy on search engines is another reason why it is important to beware of online reputation. A brand with a good reputation usually ranks first in its field, not only in the minds of consumers but also on search engines. You can only achieve this with a good online reputation.

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4 tips to manage your online reputation

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1. Be clear

When a brand does not express its products or services in a clear and verifiable way, it may confuse its potential customers. Ultimately, the person who was looking for another service or product will have a bad experience and he or she will probably make a bad review.

Taking care of your message and brand identity will make it much easier to reach those who will value and qualify your brand, products and services as they deserve. If you also show them the processes by which you manufacture your products, you will inspire more confidence in those who don’t know your brand.

2. Be nice

You should follow this advice not only to create a good online reputation, but also to maintain or amend a digital reputation. Don’t fight with people who write negative reviews of your product or brand. Instead, you want to know what elements you can improve to offer the best experience to consumers, users or customers.

3. Give the necessary attention and time to your management

Kindness is important but not everything. If you try to solve a problem with an unhappy customer after four or seven months of publishing a negative review, he won’t probably remember your brand and won’t even notice that you looked for him to solve his problem. And, as you know, the impact of that comment has already driven away several clients.

If your company or brand is small, managing your product’s online presence will be enough. But if you own a bigger company, manage specialized work teams to meet the demands and requests of your social networks and websites.

Also, remember that you must address negative reviews or comments, as well as opinions expressing doubts about your brand or product. This will help give your brand image an air of trust and interest that will allow people to connect more quickly and deeply with what you offer.

4. Ask for help

If you have trouble following the above recommendations, the best thing you can do is to request the assistance of a company specialized in the management of a brand’s online reputation, as GoFamed. They will help you monitor discussions about your brand, generate interactions and find root problems with negative comments.

Now you know the meaning of online reputation management. As you see, the strategies and tools for a good online reputation management are diverse and simple. They offer you the possibility to adapt to your needs. Your brand and its online reputation will no longer represent a big problem. We hope this information has been helpful for you!

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GoFamed is an online reputation management tool that allows anyone to easily control Google search results for a particular name and last name.
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