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How to get a job through networking?

Networking can help you find employment. Initially, networking was on-site at job fairs and other events. But currently social networks are a great ally to find work through the so-called e-networking. In the following article, reputation management experts tell you how to get a job by developing professional relationships

Networking to create a professional network

A networking meeting can be conducted and focused on different work or business situations. It can be conducted for all those people who have a business project and need to find investors or partners, and for human resources recruiters who want to incorporate into the payroll workers who are specialists in specific areas.

Networking is not exclusive to the world of business or entrepreneurs, it can also be used by people who are in search of a job opportunity or who are thinking of changing their place of work or career.

When you are starting a business, it is important to get in touch with people who bring ideas and other points of view to the project. Networking is a good way to make those contacts.

Networking in job search

It is estimated that a large part of job offers are never made public because companies choose to hire people through references. It is therefore essential that a good network of professional contacts can be established. 

They are not established with the aim of achieving direct placement in some job, but to serve as a support to learn about the professional world in the sector in which you want to enter, and of course, to be aware of job opportunities that may arise and that you might discover through these contacts.

Tips for networking at work

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Whatever the reason for networking, you have to design a strategy that leads to achieving the proposed objectives. Technology applications developed for networking can be used. Some of the key aspects that serve for the network of contacts to be generated are:

1. Orient the profile you have in social networks in a professional way

Learn how to use the keywords of the professional area in your profile of the social network. You must participate in everything that allows you to achieve a position in the sector. Follow and participate in the conversations that are generated thanks to the hashtags that relate to the profession. Share interesting content to increase the value of the profile you have as a professional one.

2. Use the elevator pitch technique

It is a technique that consists of developing a content that describes in a concrete and convincing way what the business or product idea is, or career path (you should be able to read in the time it takes to get in an elevator). This content can be used in cover letters accompanying the resume or used informally with potential employers or business investors.

3. Develop a strategy after the event

After a networking event, it is vital that all contacts that have been established are organised and follow up on and monitor interactions with them. It is necessary to strengthen the bond that is created with the people you meet.

It is best to create a file with their names, contact details and profiles in social networks. All these data can be very useful, taking into account that since they are personal data they should be treated with care.

4. Follow contacts on social networks and maintain a communication pace

Usually the principle is more intense to strengthen the bond. Then you have to see how it evolves to change the strategy if necessary. It’s important not to harass and see how that new relationship is built, without focusing only on the proposed objectives.

Building and keeping an active network of professional relationships is essential to enrich the resume and work experience. It will help advance professionally and open up new job opportunities.

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Tips for networking in college

1. Get to know teachers

Ideally, at the end of class, students should not leave the classroom and stay with the teacher to clarify any doubts or in case there is a scheduled tutoring. If you get to know your teachers better, they will be able to give you good career advice and employability. In addition, references can be requested for future work. Teachers are people worth having in your network of contacts.

2. Use social media to create professional connections

Social media can be used to create connections with people you don’t know. Linkedin is the professional network par excellence, where you can find contacts in the sector in which you want to work and send a request with the submission. 

You must have your profile always updated with studies, professional experience, achievements and merits achieved during your career. To network on LinkedIn it is important to be active, participate in groups and comment.

We hope these networking tips for getting a job have been useful to you! Networking is currently one of the most important tools for establishing relations in the business and labour field. Remember to adapt to new developments and trends in all areas.

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