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How to make a great impression in a job interview?

Do first impressions matter? Psychology studies have shown that this is true in interpersonal relationships, and it can also happen with your recruiter during a job interview! So, it’s not enough to be a good professional: you also need to make a good impression. Below, we provide some of the best job interview tips offered by reputation management experts.

1. Go beyond what you’re asked: develop the topics

Even if you are not responsible for maintaining the conversation, it is interesting to explore different possibilities within the conversation, in case it’s relevant to the context. Be concrete and demonstrate that you know how to dialogue on different issues. 

Use the conversation to your advantage, you will be able to test specific points that the recruiter is looking for. For example, if the topic is a project you worked on, continue to discuss your professional experience and comment on other interesting events in your career.

Avoid short answers. Demonstrate that you know what you are talking about and give your opinion on the topics that you are asked. Just remember to be careful not to fall into the opposite problem and talk too much. Paying attention to the interviewer’s reactions will help you understand when it’s time to talk and when it’s not.

2. Make it clear you know the employer


Being prepared for the interview makes all the difference. That’ll show the recruiter that you’re interested in the vacancy, in addition to opening up the possibility of new topics, as mentioned in the previous point.

Proof that you understand the company’s business, history and the market in which it operates. You can ask questions or just make relevant connections between what you are discussing and the hiring company.

Believe it or not, there are many professionals who are not prepared for interviews, which causes the loss of great opportunities and the risk of making a mistake. 

3. Demonstrate you match with the company

When a human resources professional begins to prepare a recruitment, one of the basic procedures is to imagine the profile of the ideal professional for that position. At this stage more technical aspects are considered, such as experience, previous companies and education. But behaviour is also taken into account.

The ideal candidate for the vacancy, in addition to meeting the basic requirements, must match the company culture. Culture is what guides the work style of that place. Therefore, there must be an alignment so the professional finds a place within the company and is happy working there.

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4. Give examples of your skills

Empty speeches are worthless during a job interview. You can say you’re the most amazing professional in your area, but what will that point prove to the recruiter? What proves that you are the right professional for that position?

You will probably prepare in advance the answers you will give in certain situations. What if you make a mental list of the results, successes and acknowledgements that you consider important to include in the conversation?

5. Arrive on time

job interview

Getting there on time (or a little earlier) is a matter of education and responsibility. The main issue here is to create a positive image for the recruiter. For this reason, you need to respect his or her schedule.

If the interview is by video call, it is also worth checking in advance how your connection is and if the place you’re in is suitable for conversation. So, have everything ready on schedule!

6. Hit the dress code

Do not wear clothes too formal for an interview in a company where everyone wears shorts and dresses casual. Such information can be confusing at first, but when you start researching the company online, you will probably understand what is the most suitable type of clothing.

However, if you know the company is relaxed, don’t go too casual (for example, don’t wear sandals) for the selection process. In some cases, it is best to bet on a medium term.

7. Show sympathy to the recruiter

To make a good impression during the selection process, your way of communicating should be nice. In other words, there should be a connection between the recruiter and you. Do you know that feeling when you just met a person and you have the assurance that it is pleasant and reliable? You should look for that kind of feeling.

During the conversation, try to gather clues that indicate something in common between you and the recruiter: that will open up the opportunity to start a topic of conversation. For example, you may notice a different accent or discover something you both admire. 

Finding some common ground can create an almost immediate connection, which will make the conversation flow naturally while creating a good first impression. Now you know the best tips for a successful job interview. We hope you find this information helpful. Try to put them into practice to make positive first impressions in your interviews!
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