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How to develop professional relationships online?

Congresses, courses and conventions have moved into the digital environment. Now, in order to establish relationships of trust within the professional world, it is necessary to participate in online seminars and be actively present on social networks. Here are some tips for developing professional relationships proposed by reputation management experts.

The jump to digital events has made it difficult for professional meetings, but, in return, it has allowed them to be faster and more crowded, since it is not necessary to move. Virtual models make it easy to find very specific areas of expertise and which perhaps could not be accessed in a nearby physical space. 

However, how is it possible to compensate for this lack of physical closeness to build trust? Before starting to establish contacts, it is important to be clear on several points:

1. Plan before you act

The first thing to do is to have clear planning. It is advisable to stop and think about what objectives are expected when establishing this network, both short and long term. You may be looking to expand a business or start a new one, or plan to take the pulse of the labour market to leave the current job. 

That leads to specifying which profile of people you are interested in. Then, you will know which is the target audience and it will be easier to decide where and how to approach. For example, specify if you want to find new partners or contact human resources managers in other companies in the sector if you are thinking of a job change.

2. Use a cover letter

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Social networks serve as a cover letter. LinkedIn remains the most appropriate platform to contact other professionals, although Viadeo and Sumry also work. All allow for curriculum design and content sharing. 

Networks must be an extension of our business, they must transmit our values. It is necessary to make clear who you are personally but, above all, professionally. A short presentation should be prepared to explain the purpose.

This data will function as a business card, which shall be accompanied by a few words when the first contact is made through networks or by e-mail. The invitation (to connect) must be personalized. 

Many times, due to lack of time, users send it without text, but it is not the right thing to do. It would be ideal to define very briefly and explain to the addressee the reason for contacting. 

3. Find the right environments

At a time when success is measured by accumulation, such as the number of “likes” in some networks, the world of professional contacts does not respond to that logic and requires quality. You can have many followers on a network, but how many can you call to ask?

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4. Interact in digital events

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Online talks and seminars or webinars, which have proliferated in the wake of the pandemic, are another way to find related professional profiles. In such events, personal contact has been lost, but by not having to travel you can attend more meetings, which multiplies the options of expanding the network of contacts in an international way.

It is a very good way to network because they are people with common interests and the event gives rise to contact, and even position as an expert on a topic. The screen minimizes the possibilities of making eye contact with other attendees or chatting with those who would sit next to each other if it were a physical event. 

Therefore, it is appropriate to intervene, if there is an opportunity. After an event, for example, it is advisable to connect through networks with speakers.

5. Do not forget the physical plane

Physical encounters will re-organise themselves as the health situation improves. International events, fairs and conferences will come back, but probably on a smaller scale than before. That is, if 5,000 people attended before, now it will be 1,000 or 2,000 in the same event in the future foreseeably.

The difference in events will be the use of digital tools to find business partners. We will not return to normal before 100% because it has been proven that many things can be done online with advantages such as travel savings. But it is also true that over-scanning can be a problem. That is why, it will be necessary to learn to move in these two areas, that will be even more complementary.

Now you know how to develop professional relationships online. As you can see, weaving a network of contacts in the work environment has become a determining mission. We hope this information has been useful to you! 

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